What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Is It Important in 2023?

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What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Is It Important in 2023?

Regardless of the context of you business strategies, Inbound Marketing is an essential tool to boost your online presence.

In recent years, Inbound Marketing has seen a remarkable progression as one of the key strategies for attracting new customers.

Inbound marketing seeks to attract a brand’s target audience and qualified leads, using search engines such as Google, or using social networks. But you should know that this approcach is different from advertising. First of all, your company should become relevant in a certain topic so that it can attract consumers and converse with them.

This strategy is coprised of four steps:

  • Attracting visitor;
  • Converting them into leads;
  • Turning leads into customers;
  • Persuading customers to promote your brand.
What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Is It Important in 2023?

The Main Differences Between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing is actually a kind of intrusive version of advertisin, besides being the oldest method.

Outbound Marketing means communicating with your audience in one way, such as purchased email lists, television ads, printed materials, telemarketing calls, billboards, etc. You actually send your news to a wide audience, without having any dialogue with them.

In this method, consumers are “passive”. Outbound Marketing has the following characteristics:

Diffuse audience

The mentioned kind of advertisement reaches all kinds of people, without narrowing them down.

One-way communication

In this method, consumers only receive the information passively.

No engagement

In Outbound Marketing, consumers cannot repost, share or like anything.

No relationship-building

As you do not exchange any information or content with your consumer, there is no relationship founded.

High costs

As these ads reach a large group of people, they are most of the time are expensive.


Banners, television ads and emails are the for a limited time, but a blog post is always there, ready for potential costumers to read them.

On the other hand, Inbound Marketing is characterised by the following:

Right audience

You can use SEO techniques to promote your brand only for your target audience, not everyone.

Two-way communication

Thanks to social networks, audiences are always at your reach. They can can ask questions and start discussions with you, helping you to initiate a healthy communication.


If you write well-made content, it will grow on the internet and will gain you popularity.

Easy to measure

When you go for Inbound Marketing, you have plenty of online tools at your disposal, shedding light on the performance and potential of each of your actions.


If you go for Inbound Marketing techniques, your costs will severly dropare used correctly — even more so when marketing automation software is deployed;


A blog post will last for a long time, especially if you update it once in a while and make it SEO-ready.

What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Is It Important in 2023?


Digital changes in consumer behaviour have changed the rules of the game. Companies need to update their methods in all aspects including advertisement. Inbound Marketing is the most successful among all. Knowing about Inbound Marketing is crucial for anyone who’s in the digital realm.

We hope this article has been helpful for you. We would be thankful of you share your thoughts with us, informing us about any advertising experience that may come in handy for others. Thank you for reading this.




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