Modern Events Calendar Virtual Events Addon Introduction

4 min readOct 23, 2020
Modern Events Calendar Virtual Events Addon Introduction

Modern Events Calendar Virtual Events Addon Introduction

With regards to gatherings, nothing can supplant the estimation of in-person communication. Individuals incline toward up close and personal functions to lead business and hold organizing meetings, yet there are times that there is no other alternative except for to going virtual.

Notwithstanding appearing to be cutting edge, virtual functions have been around for quite a while, and numerous people have profited by them in various manners. Considering the expanding pattern of holding functions basically, having the fundamental apparatuses within reach is altogether important to improve the general outcomes and fulfillment of participants.

In light of that, the engineers of the Modern Events Calendar module have delivered another augmentation for this incredible item called Virtual Events addon. This function device is intended to assist you with advising your crowd about your virtual functions simpler and all the more adequately.

Underneath you’ll discover more data about online functions and the way virtual functions addon helps you with your arrangements.

What Are Virtual Events?

A virtual event is typically a meet-up or regular event that happens online instead of taking place in a physical location. Let it be a live stream on social media or an important conference from the comfort of your home, all of these activities are considered a kind of virtual event.

In simple words, instead of getting together in a place, people experience the event on the internet.

Here’s a list of online events that are common among many businesses.

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Virtual Conferences

Conferences, either large or small, can take place online. This kind of meeting, just like a conference in a physical location, has different sessions, breakouts, keynotes, and so on. Also, there are online conferences that let you have networking sessions and meetings as well.

Thanks to the online event tools available in the market, participants can join virtual rooms on these platforms and meet other people in the industry most easily. So unlike what it may sound, you have the chance to interact with other participants during the event and also build agendas of your own.


Webinars and Virtual Shows

Webinars, the online version of seminars, are a great way to gather people from different parts of the world to listen to one or multiple speakers. These online events have turned into a way of making profits for some companies since they charge attendees a fee for their participation.

Webinars can either be performed live or by using pre-recorded videos. Tutorials, how-to sessions, product launch, Q&A sessions, and online classes are all different kinds of webinars we can see around. Moreover, some shows such as concerts likewise happen online nowadays as a virtual webinar.


Business Events

Virtual events are also a perfect match to cover internal and external business needs. Whether you want to hold department meetings, training, onboarding, or even more important sessions with other companies in the same industry, scheduling a virtual event will be a cost-efficient and less time-consuming decision.

From another point of view, traveling to other cities and countries for meetings and conferences is not always possible for everyone. Virtual events solve the problems for these participants and allow them to learn about new ideas and business requirements from the comfort of their place.

What Tools Can I Use for Virtual Events?

What Tools Can I Use for Virtual Events?

There is an assortment of ways to go the virtual route for different events.

For online streaming, you can use the live streaming feature of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

These tools provide an excellent chance for you to host Q&A sessions or even live videos with another participant at the same time.

Social stories allow you to share videos and pictures and make them more visually appealing by filters or color themes.

Based on your target audience, you can benefit from this feature in TikTok and Snapchat platforms if they suit you. Also, tools like polls and question fields come in extremely handy to increase online engagement.

The increased popularity of webinars has resulted in the development of different tools for holding webinars of various kinds.

Many allow the host to add narration to the presentations and let users ask questions during the sessions. To mention a few, Zoom, 6connex, Brella, and WebinarNinja are all equipped with various features to bring you the best experience.

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