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Are you ready to take your Elementor page builder to the next level?

It goes without saying that Elementor is currently one of the most popular WordPress page builders. The default Elementor page builder has plenty of functionality and flexibility already and is pretty easy to use, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make things even better!

You can extend Elementor powerful free version using Elementor Add-Ons. Modern Events Calendar offers four unique Elementor widgets namely, Elementor Shortcode Builder Add-On, Elementor Form Builder Add-On, Elementor Single Builder Add-On and Elementor Add-Ons Bundle to add more functionality and flexibility to your Elementor page builder.

In today’s and upcoming stories, we’ll be giving you a little insight into MEC premium Elementor Shortcode Builder Add-On:

Elementor Shortcode Builder Add-On works with MEC version 4.2.3 and higher and is available for $35.
Elementor Shortcode Builder Add-On works with MEC version 4.2.3 and higher and is available for $35.

Elementor Shortcode Builder Add-on

Elementor Shortcode Builder Add-On works with MEC version 4.2.3 and higher and is available for $35.

This Add-On allows you to create and customize unlimited MEC shortcodes in Elementor Live Editor. Adding this widget to your pages allows previewing the events and placing the shortcodes in pages like a pro. You’ll be able to display your events anywhere on your website and easily custom style and show/hide elements in different shortcodes. This is how you can speed up creating shortcodes in front-end and use them instantly.

Here’s MEC Elementor Shortcode Builder Add-on’s key features:

· Flexibility of shortcode building and use: Add and setup shortcodes anywhere on your page.

· Simultaneous view: View the shortcodes while you’re building and making changes to them.

· Test the shortcode: Set the shortcodes you’ve built for your event up to test.

· Search Bar: Add search bar fields to your shortcode and visually test the search function.

· Show/Hide Shortcode Elements: Turn on/off all elements in different shortcodes as you wish.

· Custom Styles: Add your desired styles to the shortcodes; anything from typography to distance between each element.

· Better Management: Now you can manage the typography on all shortcodes.

You can find two screenshots of this builder below:

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In order for you to use MEC Shortcode Builder Add-On, you need two things: First, Elementor Page Builder and second, the latest version of Modern Event Calendar installed. This is how you need to go about it:

After activating the plugin you’ll need to simply create a new page and enter the Elementor Page Builder. Just click on “Edit with Elementor”, so that the Page Builder is ready to use. Then add the MEC Shortcode to the related section. Now, you can visually add the Shortcode to the desired section.

You can take a brief look at our add-ons just by a click.

For more information on how to work with Shortcode Builder, please refer to the following articles or watch the video here:





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