Best WordPress Translation Plugins List 2020

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10+ Best WordPress Translation Plugins 2020

In this article, we are going to introduce 5 best WordPress translation plugins + 5 other plugins for having a multilingual websites.

WordPress comes in multiple languages in its core but it doesn’t provide translation or multilingual options to run a website on multiple languages at the same time.

To do so, we need to use WordPress translation plugins which comes in two major categories, the ones that bring you multilingual options, and the one with auto translation features; Most of the plugins offers both but only in their paid version. keep in mind that if you want to have a good looking SEO-friendly multilingual website, you’ll have to pay some extra money on it.

In this article we’re going to have a full comprehensive look and review on 5 best WordPress translation plugins and their key features, pros, cons, screenshot, reviews and prices.

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5 Best WordPress Translation Plugins

1- GTranslate

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The first item of our best WordPress translation plugins list that we would like to review is GTranslate which its Paid version is what we use in our website to provide multilingual options.

GTranslate has vast variety of plans and also a free version with quite appealing features that could be used to translate you’re website to most popular languages available in the world.

The free version of GTranslate which is downloadable in WordPress plugin repository, with more than 100,000 active installation, offers Google automatic machine translation and also support of all languages available.

The one major advantage of GTranslate comparing to other WordPress translate plugins is its unlimited words translation and pageviews; There is absolutely no limitation on your words on pages, neither in automatic machine translation nor on the neural translation.

2- Weglot

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Weglot is our second item of our best WordPress translation plugins list which is one of the best translation plugins with high quality translations with only one problem, it’s so much expensive.

It has a precise limitation on words counts and languages that you can have multilingual options on.

Weglot offers automatic high quality machine translate from their cloud-based services which is editable after implementing.

The free version of Weglot is going to work as they’ve said only on small business (under than 2000 words) and 1 language.

If you can manage to pay the price, Weglot is going to be your best option among all of the WordPress translation plugins for having a multilingual website.

You can use their word count tool to analyze your website word count based on public pages and see how many words do you have on your website.

3- TranslatePress

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TranslatePress as our third choice in our WordPress translation plugins list, is one of the must easy-to-use translation plugins ever and somehow the only plugin with such a rich front-end visual editor that even supports famous page builders like WPBakery and Elementor too.

If we put language count limitation aside, the free version of TranslatePress is quite a catch in the industry, that offers features like real-time front-end editor for translation, translating strings and manual and automatic translation.

By default, the automatic machine translation is based on Google Translate API which is appealing buy you also can use its DeepL API too, if only you have bought the premium versions.

The only thing is that you need to at least buy the Business plan in order to benefit from all the addons available.

The Personal plan only offers SEO Pack addon and Multiple languages addon which enables you to have Slug, Page Title and Description, Media, Open Graph Tags and Sitemap translation and support for 221 languages for $85 per year.


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WPML is almost the oldest player in the field of WordPress translation plugins. Besides that it doesn’t have any free type of versions, WPML offers features like string translation, e-commerce translation, automatic, manual and human translation and support of 44 languages.

You can get your pages ready in the admin area and send them for translation services and wait for it to come back to you.

However there is three major blocks in using WPML:

First of all there is no free version and most of the paid features comes with a huge payment amount.

Second of all is that WPML creates a post for almost everything which is breathtaking considering the WordPress database speed structure.

And last but not least, there might be problems in detecting some parts of strings in your template or page builder if your theme is coded in some particular ways.

5- Polylang

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Polylang with more than +500,000 active installations from its initial release in 2011 is one of the most powerful WordPress translation plugins and therefore our last choice in this ultimate collection.

The free version of Polylang offers features like translate posts, pages, media, categories, tags, custom post types, custom taxonomies, menus, widgets, subdirectories, subdomains or separate domains and also a compatibilty for WPML API so you can migrate to Polylang from it.

The thing is there is no automatic machine translation in Polylang core so you need to install the Lingotek plugin from the same developer in order to have automatic translation for you WordPress.

You can also integrate Polylang with Poedit or Loco Translate in order to translate themes and plugins language files.

Read the full comprehensive list on Webnus blog:

This was just a preview of the full 10+ Best WordPress Translation Plugins 2020. You can read the rest of it on our blog.

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