9 Best Web Design Inspiration and Ideas for 2020

Now and again you may go over a site that moves you.

You may likewise recall a few locales you have cooperated with in the past that were tastefully engaging as well as important.

With the quantity of sites on the web, giving a significant client experience ought to be the main thrust.

However, what makes a site rousing? Is it the association or openness?

When making your own site, you can undoubtedly test through utilizing web designers and their simple to utilize instruments.

For instance, site layouts by Zyro give an incredible commencement point for building your own site that follows the most recent plan patterns.

Best Web Design Inspiration and Ideas

Without further ado, below are some of the best web design ideas and inspiration you could use:

White Space

Are we moving back to minimalism? Yes, modern site designs have a touch of a purposeful white space much like the traditional print media.

White space is appealing. It helps visitors on your site move through the pages with ease, from an element to the next.

It creates a visual appeal and hierarchy where no element distracts the other.

It offers eye rest to the visitors. You don’t want a visitor to get bored before seeing everything that you offer.

A great example of this is Apple. Their product page for the iMac uses negative, or white space, perfectly, putting the product front and center.

White space helps in comprehension by clearly defining the elements and the relationship between pages.

When two elements are so close, the human eye may view them as a singular unit.

You may want to have a distinction between elements by employing white space.

Knowing how to and where to use white space helps improve your website’s (UX) user experience.

White space thoughtfully redefines modern minimalism.

Try it!

Make Playful Mouse-Over Effects

A modern website often employs playful mouse-over effects to make the user experience great while navigating the pages and icons.

Using them can be as simple as changing the cursor color or shape or as complex as using animations triggered by the cursor.

Cursor-triggered ones require coding.

No matter the choice you settle for, playful highlight of a hyperlink, and make user engagement with your site unique and memorable.

Tomer Lerner’s website has a great example — once you mouse over a link to a project, it transitions into bold and reveals additional links underneath.

Because of the playful nature of the cursor, users are more likely to spend a couple of minutes floating the cursor over various elements that you may want them to interact with more.

Your cursor doesn’t need to be too complex, but it needs to be unique.

Add some spice to it!

Full-Page Headers

Web developers and designers can have header variations but full-page headers are the new in-thing in 2020.

The setup involves various designs but adding eye-catching images and call-to-action (CTA) buttons must be involved.

The images and CTA buttons are added on either side, at the top of the page.

This is because most web users focus most of the attention on the top of the page, especially the left side.

Have your CTA buttons on the left side.

Adobe has a great example of a full-width header that highlights their product and puts the CTA as the focus.

Talking about headers, if you’d like to create a great header for your website with no sweat, then one of the best WordPress themes on the market that has a header builder is Deep theme by Webnus.

Deep theme is the only WP theme which offers a header builder.

Customize Your Illustrations

Nothing breathes life into your brand like illustrations.

When it comes to modern web design, illustrations have offered immense inspiration.

Traditional art used them, but 2020 takes the game to a whole new level.

Gone are the days of using stock images.

Custom illustrations in line with your brand are the new trend in web design.

There are hundreds of great examples of this practice out there.

Check out this article by the Awwwards for some of the highlights.

With technological advances and the growing coding mastery, illustrations are evolving beyond 2D.

There are 3D illusions incorporated in modern web design that add a much-needed layer of depth into your brand and website.

Some of these illustrations include;

  • Gradient shading in the color change
  • Digital designs that mimic cut-out styles of paper
  • An interactive 3D cursor that gives the user a better experience on your site

Webnus is a reputable name for innovative Premium WordPress themes and practical WordPress plugins that was founded in 2013 and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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Webnus is a reputable name for innovative Premium WordPress themes and practical WordPress plugins that was founded in 2013 and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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