7 Tips For The Psychology of Selling

Psychology of Selling Tips

Offer What Buyers Want

  • What you’re selling
  • What others will charge
  • How much prospects are used to paying for a product
  • How badly prospects want a product, AND
  • How prospects perceive the difference between your offer and others

Offer Scarce Options

  • If your company sells a large range or products, research your prospects ahead of time, so that you know which products you should pitch to them.
  • Instead of showcasing products in bulk, chunk them into categories to simplify the offering.
  • Be sure to ask qualifying questions in order to build on your knowledge of what consumers want, and then narrow down the type of product they’ll most likely be interested in.
  • Only pitch solutions that match their needs; or, package select products together so your prospect understands what solutions work well together.

Build Credibility With Your Expertise

  • Tell your prospects about the years of experience and expertise behind your product or service.
  • Talk about your workplace culture, and boast about your workforce and visionaries behind your product(s).
  • Talk about the research behind your solutions.
  • Talk about the achievements, awards, and recognition that your product(s) have received.

Display Social Proof

  • Word of mouth
  • Online reviews
  • Social media

Help Them “buy” Something

Appeal to Their Senses

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Hearing
  • Touch
  • Taste

Create Urgency




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