6 Innovative Ways To Wow Your Customers Online

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Wow Your Online Website Visitors and Customers

That is the reason you have to put forth an attempt to plan something for wow your online site guests and clients.

In this article, we’ll give you six concrete and inventive approaches to establish an incredible first connection to win the hearts of your site guests.

How about we get into it!

Use Music & Video to Engage Your Website Visitors

Giving your website a personality by using video and music can be great in creating a lasting first impression.

Music and videos can stimulate the senses, and grab the attention of website visitors, especially if they’re “just browsing” your website.

For instance, Instant Love is a website that enables users to stream love songs and celebrate music around the theme of love.

If you notice their website background, they have a ‘parallax video’ playing, along with a very simple, yet colorful layout.

The homepage makes it easy for visitors to take action, while also grabbing their attention through the moving video background, and the option to play music.

It is always important to make music features optional as some users may feel overwhelmed if they are unable to opt-out.

You always want to ensure the overall experience you provide is highly customizable because every customer has varying preferences.

Depending on what type of business or organization you are, you can choose the kind of music or video that would blend in with your brand’s image.

Be sure not to come across as unprofessional or obtrusive when adding music or video to your website.

Using these assets as tools to enhance the customer experience is always the best way to increase engagement.

Online Chat

Imagine walking into a retail store and immediately being assisted by someone to help you find what you need, versus going to a store where there’s no customer service.

We guess that you’d pick the one where you felt like you were helped out and cared about.

Customers love being looked after when they need help.

And it’s not much different in an online environment.

Having an online chat feature through which your customer service staff can answer any queries your online visitors may have can set you apart from your competitors.

You can use tools like Zendesk chat, Tidio Live Chat, or Pure Chat to be able to chat with multiple online customers simultaneously.

They’re cost-effective, easy to install plugins that enable you to initiate conversations with customers immediately.

Making the customer help process as simple as possible is a great way to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Chat Bots

Although we recommend going the personalized customer service route if possible, this can be a hefty expense, especially for smaller businesses.

If you don’t have the budget for personalized customer service for online visitors, you can automate the customer service experience by using chatbots.

A chatbot is basically an application that automates customer conversations based on previously asked queries.

You can use a chatbot tool to design a customer conversation or you can build the chatbot from scratch.

The choice is yours.

It is more time consuming to design a chatbot from scratch, so it is wise to consider platforms that do the majority of the work for you.

Many chatbots offer the option to automate the majority of your answers and input special responses as needed.

To make chatbots work for you, you’ll need to think through all the possible questions your website visitors could ask you, and also create the answers for them.

This helps chatbots pick up the words customers use, and serve them with an answer that’s most relevant to them.

Some chatbot tools you can use include Botsify, Mobile Monkey, Chat Fuel and Flow XO.

They allow you to create a chatbot for your website and Facebook Messenger without any prior coding knowledge, within minutesو

These tools allow users to ask questions at any time of day and receive an immediate response.

When a customer has a question they want an answer quickly so it doesn’t get much better than an instantaneous response.

We recommend analyzing the types of questions customers have asked in the past to ensure you cover all your bases when it comes to the pre-programmed answers.

The last thing you want is a user to become frustrated because the chat bot doesn’t recognize their query.

With effectively implemented chatbots you’ll make your customer service responses faster, minimize the workload on your customer service staff and leave your customers feeling like you care about them.

Customer Self Help Content

While chatbots and live chat can be great for customer service, there’s nothing better than empowering customers to help themselves.

That’s where content can play a big role and is already revolutionizing the way customer service is done.

By creating engaging, insightful & educational content on topics that your customers need help with, you can empower them to help themselves.

They could just visit your website, download an eBook, PDF or whitepaper and resolve their problem themselves rather than going through the outreach process.

For instance, if you’ve had an iPhone or a Mac with any technical glitches, you could simply visit the Apple Care website and search for any topic you need help with on this page.

On searching for the topic you need help with, you’ll find articles, like this one, and guides that walk you through all technical troubleshooting steps making it super simple to solve technical problems.

What’s great about content is that it’s very versatile in how you can use it.

It’s not just a tool for customer service, but also a medium to entertain, educate, and engage your online customers.

Regularly publishing content that’s meaningful to your customers will help you build an ‘online audience’ and a list of email subscribers who truly want to hear from your business.

Design a Great User Experience

If you really want to impress your users, you should become conscious and creative about your user experience online.

This is where design thinking plays a super vital role.

By empathizing with your customers, building customer personas to understand them at a deeper level, and then creating a user experience they love, you can make your customers trust your business and become a loyal, repeat customer.

Companies like Airbnb show how design-led user experience can make the travel experience easy, fun and safe. By using a combination of great UI elements, customer reviews, and a highly simple checkout process, Airbnb has become one of the most popular and loved mobile applications for the global travel community. More importantly, make sure you factor in the latest online technologies to design an experience that’s up to date with all tech trends. With the growing popularity of voice tech, for example, using voice as part of your customer experience can be a smart move. Users will be happiest with applications that are up-to-date and match current trends.

Add an Events Calendar To Your Site

Although the structure of events has changed immensely in the last several months, they are still a valuable way to engage with your audience.

Many companies have switched to virtual platforms, such as Zoom that allow them to continue to host events in a safe manner.

Get creative with how you host your events in these strange times and you are sure to impress your customers.

Some ideas of events you can use for your business are:

  • Webinars
  • Virtual Trade Shows
  • Video Chat Q and A Session

Webnus offers an Events Calendar Plugin that makes this implementation simple.

This plugin allows you to easily add events to your website’s calendar.

You can choose from over 50 event layout displays, which means there is truly a design option for everyone.

The easy-to-use interface makes it simple for anyone to go in and add an event in just a matter of minutes.

Wrapping It Up

By following some of the steps above, you can design an online customer experience that’s incredibly user friendly.

Users will be impressed by the experience they receive and will likely become repeat customers because of it.

You must develop a unique approach if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Great customer experience will build trust and make your website or app work wonders.

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