5 Ways to Throw and Host a Virtual Party & Celebrate

5 Ways to Throw and Host a Virtual Party & Celebrate

Social removing and isolate have changed the lives of individuals around the globe in endless perspectives.

Perhaps it was a long ways past the creative mind of us that one day we would need to avoid our friends and family to their benefit; to secure them.

Numerous presently miss get-togethers, gatherings, parties, festivities, workshops, and so forth that once used to be a vital piece of day by day life in various manners.

In any case, being separated doesn’t really need to keep us from celebrating! Actually, celebrating together during these seasons of separation is by all accounts considerably more significant than previously.

Instead of meeting each other face to face, we can continue holding various occasions basically and get the opportunity to interface with our loved ones.

Leave it alone a business-related gathering or a birthday celebration, going the virtual course encourages us monitor everybody around us.

Facilitating a virtual get-together is much more agreeable than what it might appear to be in any case.

Everything necessary is investing some energy making timetables and utilizing the correct procedure for it.

How To Host a Virtual Party?

In the next paragraphs, we will go through five ways we can celebrate better in the current situation.

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Remote Company

Keeping employees engaged during lock-down time is the key factor in the success of businesses.

Remote working doesn’t mean not seeing each other, and we should do our best to keep in touch with coworkers and spend some time socializing.

The following list can give you ideas on how to throw a virtual party and let everyone enjoy it in the best way:

Make It Special with Costumes or Decorations

Make It Special with Costumes or Decorations
Make It Special with Costumes or Decorations

Having a theme has long been favored by so many event hosts, and a virtual party should be no exception either.

Getting dressed up in a way different than the regular outfits we use every day can be a fun way to start a conversation and display creativity.

Try to make a challenge for people before the event begins and awaken the spirit of competition in them.

If possible, it would be great to buy them some special items online and set rewards for the most impressive appearance.

Complimenting those who have followed the theme in front of others can likewise be an excellent practice to increase engagement and cooperation.

All of these practices make your events memorable and ultimately creates better results.

Provide People with Food and Drinks

We know that at most get-togethers, people are served with foods and drinks, so why shouldn’t it be the same for a virtual party?

Although it’s not possible to see them and eat or drink together, you can use a couple of ways around this.

Online delivery services are a perfect match for this purpose, and you can schedule them so that all arrive at people’s doors at the same time.

If you are unaware of their eating habits or can’t just send foods to all of them simultaneously, offering a meal stipend gives them the possibility to order their favorites.

Also, it can be a good idea to send a special recipe to all of them beforehand and then compare the results during your virtual event.

To add more fun to the session and make it practical, you can co-host the event and ask a professional cook or bartender to teach people how to make food or drink.

This way, you leave a better impression on them, and again, make the event unforgettable.

Add Entertainment to Your Virtual Party

Add Entertainment to Your Virtual Party
Add Entertainment to Your Virtual Party

We are spending long hours at home these days, and many are weary of feeling isolated. Therefore, entertainment is now welcomed more than ever.

With that in mind, you can do different activities to make the session more entertaining.

For instance, ask a performer or a musician whom your team members like to perform online or teach people an interesting skill.

If your team consists of women, it can be extremely satisfying to have a makeup artist online and teach them some useful techniques in this regard.

Online video streaming is another great entertainment for a virtual party.

You can use the watch party feature of Netflix or other platforms and start watching something cool with the group.

If you have a problem making up your mind about the right movie, do surveys and ask people about it.

Fun games are also a great fit for virtual events. Include board games, quizzes, trivia night, or any other interesting activities that heat up the competition.

There are a lot of free online apps and games available to be used for this purpose.

If your games require smaller teams, rooms of online event tools such as the Zoom’s breakout rooms pave the way for them, too.

Whatever entertainment you put in your schedule, make sure it begins at the right time and let your employees know about it in advance.

Ask for Help if Necessary

If it is your first time hosting a virtual event, or don’t know exactly what steps to take, feel no shame of asking others for help.

As COVID-19 hit, virtual events became a new trend, and at the same time, online event consultants increased.

These people can help you make events more interesting and provide you with solutions to make audiences more engaged.

Either you want to coordinate food deliveries or find an entertainer, they can manage things in the best way for you.

Otherwise, if you are on a budget and can’t spend time on having a professional event planner, you can always ask a friend and give some of the responsibilities to them.

For example, your partner can take care of checking the internet connection and let you focus on the main event.

Virtual Birthdays

Aside from business, virtual events have turned out to be proper for birthday parties as well. It can be amusing, and you don’t have to do cleanups after that!

The main principles of throwing a virtual birthday are similar to what we discussed in the previous section.

Yet, following the next tips can bring you much comfort for a virtual party:

Give Instructions to People

This step is necessary since you are inviting friends and family members, and some may not be familiar with technology and video chat tools.

Provide tips for using the tool you are going to use along with the invitations you send.

You can even make things much more understandable by recording your desktop screen for a start-to-finish tutorial on how to install the application and create or join rooms.

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